Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dancing with the Stars

Yesterday afternoon we were watching some television when a commercial came on for Dancing with the Stars.  It said there would be a live taping of the finale that evening in Los Angeles at the The Grove.  We had no plans that night and thought it would be an awesome experience to watch the show live, particularly because we had been rooting for Laurie Hernandez.

We knew it would be a late night for a toddler so we prepared as best we could to ensure the evening went smoothly.  However, even with that preparation, we couldn't have foreseen how she would react to all the lights, loud music, and crowds of people.  We stayed for the first little bit then decided it would be wise to get some dinner and head home.  The Grove was decorated for Christmas with trees and lights everywhere and it really felt magical!

Laurie won :)

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