Saturday, November 12, 2016

Our Family

In the 4 1/2 years Luke and I have been married, we have never hired a professional photographer to take our family photos.  We have some good ones to be sure taken by friends and family, but I was anxious to have some official family photos displayed around our home.
I began looking for an inexpensive (but good) photographer in the area and to my pleasant surprise, discovered an old BYUI friend living just TEN minutes from us!  I followed her on Instagram, and have loved her work for some time.  I contacted her and she was ever so willing to take our photos for us!
I knew I wanted them done at the beach at sunset because how often in our lives are we going to have that opportunity?  We agreed on a date and time and I proceeded to plan the outfits we would each wear.

There were so many good pictures to choose from, it's nearly impossible to decide!

{A personal favorite of mine}

With love,
The Phillips family (Luke, Robyn, Charlotte)

Photographer: Myra Merrill
Location: Corona Del Mar Beach, California

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