Sunday, January 22, 2012

I can hear the bells...for mwah?!

"I can hear the bells,
Just hear them chiming,
I can hear the bells,
My temperature's climbing,
I can't contain my joy 'cause I've finally found the boy I've been missin'
I can hear the bells."
Yes, I am getting MARRIED! Eeeek! April 14th is the glorious day and boy I cannot wait.  Luke and I met at BYUI this last summer when I was directing Collegiate (he was in another director's piece), and the first time I saw him...... hmmmm I knew something was in the air :).
He asked me on a date shortly thereafter, and then another, and another......and the rest is history!  He came to Wisconsin over New Years to meet my family and on my birthday he took me on a date to Friendship Trail (Laura you know where I'm talking about).  We were sitting on a bench in the middle of the bridge, he said some mushy gushy stuff I can't really remember anymore, and popped the question!  My response of course was...."Are you sure?"  Haha yes, I said that.  He then proceeded to say he was positive so I said.... "Okay then yes!"  Haha I still can't help smiling when I think about it.
We will be sealed for time and ALL eternity in the LDS Denver temple, which is also where my sister Juli and her husband, and my parents were married.
  83 days to go babaaay!!!!!!!!!

 Hiking at Crest glad he enjoys the outdoors as much as I do

 Me graduated!!

His parents came to watch the ceremony and treated us to dinner afterwards at my favoritist restaurant ever, Texas Roadhouse.
Disclaimer: If I look pale and disgusting and like I had been throwing up the entire night before....its because I was.  Awesome way to first meet the parents. . .

He picked this out all on his own!  Way better style than me.

Well people I can't tell you how excited I am for the future and what lies ahead, but what I can say is......WOOT WOOT!

Much love!


Ritsumei said...

I'm so excited for you. Congratulations!!

mommyx12 said...

You are one funny girl. One funny girl and one funny boy! Great match!

Susan said...

Oh Robyn! I can't tell you how excited Andrew and I are for the two of you! Isn't it funny? The semester that we met and became friends is the same semester that I met Andrew and Luke on the same soccer team?! Seriously, Luke is a catch. Andrew and I have always admired him, and not just for his soccer skills! Can't wait!

dlpower said...

You already know how excited I am for you. Can't wait to see you soon and to see your engagements! Love you

Lindsay Helm said...

I love you Rob! I can't wait until your big day :) I am so happy for you!