Thursday, January 17, 2019

Grand Junction, Colorado

We've been having lots of fun in the almost two months that we have lived here.  Between Luke's new job, family coming to visit, my birthday, sledding, and Charlotte starting preschool, the time is just flying by!
Over my birthday weekend, both Luke's family and some of mine came for short visits.  We went to the Dinosaur museum, and out to lunch at Camilla's Cafe in Fruita.  I am loving being able to host more and have more space to do it in. 
On December 29th, 2018 I turned the very big 30.  Ughhhhh.  I miss my twenties already!  I'm glad Luke is right there with me though.  I like growing up with him by my side.

{Already a ladies man}

For weeks before Christmas Charlotte was begging for a sled.  She made sure to tell Santa that when we visited him and in her letter to him.  Luckily, both her and Evan woke up Christmas morning to two brand new sleds. 

{Mommy & Lottie snow angels}

I struggled in the weeks leading up to Lottie starting preschool, but I knew she would do really well in it.  So I got my tears out before her big first day.  She loves it!  Occasionally she has a morning where she clings to me and doesn't want to go, but as soon as I pick her up from school she is excitedly telling me everything she learned that day.

{Evan's photobomb!}

Christmas in Colorado, 2018

In December we moved!  Again!

I hate thinking about how many times we've moved in the few years we've been married.  I don't like it one bit.  Poor Charlotte.  She's really taken the brunt of it.  But here's to sticking in one place longer than a year!  I really think Grand Junction will be a good place for us, where we can be happy and put down some roots.
Luke passed his boards and accepted a position as a physical therapist at a nursing home here.  He's enjoying it so far.  We are so relieved and excited for him to begin his career that we have worked so hard for.  Yay!
Our first Christmas here was wonderful.  Charlotte was really into it this year and couldn't wait to leave cookies and milk for Santa as well as food for the reindeer (puppy chow).  It was Evan's second Christmas, and it was awesome seeing him enjoying all the wrappings and gifts he received this year now that he's a bit older and much more expressive.

{Our Christmas card this year}

{Our first time with lights on our home!} 

{Sunday before Christmas}

{Christmas Eve}

{Christmas morning}

{Christmas breakfast - with gifts of course}

I enjoyed hosting Christmas dinner for the first time.  It's so nice that my sister Juli and her family only live an hour and a half away!

{This girl!}

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Thanksgiving in Utah 2018

Thanksgiving found us in Utah at Aunt Suzi's house with lots of members of my side of the family.  It was so fun catching up with everyone.  Charlotte LOVED playing with all her little cousins as well as my cousins that are closer to her age.

While in Utah we also got to go see the lights at Temple Square.  It was rainy and cold but gosh those lights are so beautiful.