Thursday, February 9, 2017

Come play, Mommy

I've been thinking a lot lately about my role as a mother.  Charlotte's mother.  She has so much incredible energy and at times, I feel exhausted just watching her literally run from activity to activity.  She has a huge personality and is as independent as they come.
She is currently holding a pretend phone up to my ear telling me to say "Hello".  She is in the stage right now where her imagination is bursting at the seams.  My heart jumps when I see her gently holding her baby dolls feeding them their bottles, or when she is at her play kitchen making me lunch and tells me to blow on my food because "Its hot, Mommy!"
She has my heart to say the least.

Not long ago, whenever I would hear her say those words, "Come play, Mommy" my first instinct was, "I'm too busy."  She always seemed to catch me right as I was starting on laundry, or making phone calls, or jumping in the shower..... And my response was always, "Later sweetie, Mommy's busy."  Gosh, I wish I could go back and change my response.

One day after giving her my usual answer, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks, but as soft as a feather at the same time.  Go play with her.  Charlotte has always been so independent that she has never really "needed" me, if that makes sense.  She is a social butterfly.  So I was content to let her do her thing.  But I decided right then and there that I would (as much as humanly possible) say yes when she invites me.  I consider it an honor and joy to be invited by my daughter to go into her world of imagination.  Because I know that if I continue to reject her invitation, eventually, she's going to stop asking.  And that right there terrifies me.  So I am going to show her that I WANT to spend time with her.

Now, I look forward to her wanting to play with me and will cherish forever the words, "Come play, Mommy.  Come play with me."

I love you Lottie.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Christmas Holiday 2016

For Christmas this year we packed up our little 96' camry and made the long drive to Glenwood Springs, CO.  We stopped in St. George, UT to stay one night with Luke's grandma Shirley, and then another night in Provo with Cody and Mikayla.  My side of the family (Smiths) get together for Christmas every three years, which is quite the accomplishment with twelve kids + spouses + grandkids.  Usually not everyone can make it.  This year we were missing Kim, Aaron, and Gregg (on his mission in Ogden).

On Christmas morning (Sunday) we attended church services.  It's pretty cool when Christmas falls on the Sabbath.  Once we were back to Juli's home we tried getting photos with the WHOLE family.  A huge success considering everyone 12 and younger was begging to go open presents!  And I gotta say, I don't think we have a whole lot of photos of Lottie without her making some sort of face....See photos above and below for reference.

{Riding her new Radio Flyer scooter}

That evening, most of the adults went on a night time snowshoeing hike.  There ended up being a beaten path already so we ditched the snowshoes.  And the photo below makes everything look kind of weird.  We had to get creative so we placed my dad's mega man flashlight in front of the group to try and get our faces.  Hence why it looks like we are walking on dirt instead of snow.  Despite the poor quality of the photo, it was truly a beautiful night with a clear sky full of stars and huge pines weighed down with snow.

The next day Juli, Jeff, Luke and I hit the slopes.  Well, mainly everyone else.  I'm terrified of heights so I maybe did 2 runs on a snowboard before calling it quits.  I enjoyed watching Luke skiing though!

{I was pooped at the end of the day, and poor Lottie was sick along with most of the kids.}

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Finding the perfect one

We stayed home this year for Thanksgiving.  Which I'm really glad we did.  It was so peaceful and relaxing, and I enjoy cooking special meals for my family.
A few days after Thanksgiving, Luke's parents drove down from Idaho to spend some time with us and help us out.  I was scheduled to have an outpatient surgery and would be in some pain for at least a week.  Marc and Kelley were beyond helpful making meals for us, and occupying Charlotte so I could rest.  Charlotte rarely wants to snuggle with me or have me hold her, but because the universe works the way it does, she wanted to be held constantly by me that week, which was difficult in that I wasn't supposed to lift more than 10lb.  She could probably sense something was off with me and that worried her.

Despite things being thrown off a bit for us, I was determined to keep our holiday traditions right on track, which included hunting for the perfect Christmas tree, gingerbread haus making, and lots and lots of Christmas music (including the CMA Country Christmas Concert I LOVE to watch every year).

{I'm not exactly sure why Luke looks so stern in this photo}

{Everyone wanted in on the decorating}

 {Charlotte helped Papa's boots be a bit more festive}

{Sporting her new winter hat crocheted by Grandma Phillips.  She reminds me of the little girl on Despicable Me!}

{You just can't make this stuff up}

{Collecting leaves}

{She loves these boots and insists on wearing them often.  I find it ironic living in California}

{Bass Pro Shops}


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dancing with the Stars

Yesterday afternoon we were watching some television when a commercial came on for Dancing with the Stars.  It said there would be a live taping of the finale that evening in Los Angeles at the The Grove.  We had no plans that night and thought it would be an awesome experience to watch the show live, particularly because we had been rooting for Laurie Hernandez.

We knew it would be a late night for a toddler so we prepared as best we could to ensure the evening went smoothly.  However, even with that preparation, we couldn't have foreseen how she would react to all the lights, loud music, and crowds of people.  We stayed for the first little bit then decided it would be wise to get some dinner and head home.  The Grove was decorated for Christmas with trees and lights everywhere and it really felt magical!

Laurie won :)