Sunday, June 26, 2011

Collegiate Dance Company presents "Just Dance"

Here are the dances I directed and choreographed this semester as well as a number I was in for another director.  Enjoy the show!

Our opening number created by all of the directors

This is a tap number I was in choreographed by Kali Gawely

Eitil Rince means "Flying Dance" in Gaelic just in case you were wondering :) The soloist in this piece is Kylie Sutherland, she just got accepted into the famous Irish dance company Riverdance! Congrats Kylie!!

"Easily Distracted" - A rhythmic piece choreographed by me, Brother Larsen, and Alissa Thompson

I titled this piece "Psalms 28:3"

 A clog/ballet number I directed, choreographed by my amazing friends Whitney Brownell and Rachel Hyde.  The ballet parts were choreographed by Sister Dienhart, a faculty member

Tamba!  My favorite probably.  Tamba means "Just dance" in Shona, which is a language in Africa.  The music was to live drumming by a few friends of mine, Daniel Carter, Jesse Hyde, Louisa George, and Nick Conley



mommyx12 said...

Totally awesome. You had a lot to put your brain into. Good job. Thanks for the Sunday evening entertainment.

Kaydee and Emma said...

Wow! I love, love, LOVE all of this!!! I especially love the clog/ballet and the easily distracted dances. Great job!

Robyn Smith said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked them!!