Sunday, June 26, 2011

The beginning of an end...

The last 5 months of my life have culminated into just two nights, and now its over.  Where did it go?  I am sitting here at 2 in the morning contemplating everything that has happened in just the last 48 hours.  Last minute things were rushed to be done in time for the opening night of the Collegiate Showcase, "Just Dance" this last Friday evening.  Its so surreal to me that its all over.  Five months of work, stress, tears, and sweat and its over in a matter of hours!  But I can't think of it that way, I have to think of it as a new beginning.  A beginning filled with opportunities, blessings, and new memories to create.
Can I just say thank you!!  Thank you to Gary Larsen for putting this whole thing together and letting me be a part of that, thank you to my dancers for working so so so hard practicing all hours of the night and waking up early every Saturday morning to come and practice some more, thank you to the lighting and sound technicians who dealt with my short temper, thank you to the costume people (Julie, Jennifer and Bethany), and especially thank you to the audience. 
We had our last show tonight...during our little devotional us dancers do before every rehearsal and show, Brother Larsen reminded us to not dance for everyone, but to dance for one.  The one who is struggling, the one who needs to be lifted, the one who needs to feel the stirrings of the Spirit.  I tried to think about that as I was on stage for the numbers I was in and then as I was rushing to and fro making sure my dancers had everything they needed.  I also tried to think of it when I was able to sit in the audience for the last half of the show and hear people's reactions to all of the dances.
That's why I do this.  Because if even just one person is able to feel the Spirit through my dancing or choreography, then I am content.  
I'm going to miss this.  A lot.  I am tearing up even as I type.  This may seem a little out of place, but I am going to think of this post almost as a journal entry and just spill everything, holding nothing back.  I have a testimony of this Gospel.  I have had it confirmed to me over and over again this past week during rehearsals and I know that we are each given gifts that Heavenly Father wants us to share with others.  So please don't hold back, you were given it for a reason.
Okay, I am done.  Sorry for being a girl and getting all emotional.  I just needed to share that. 

Director Kali, dancer Stacey, Brother Larsen, and me after the show

Me and a couple of my AWESOME dancers

After show celebration at Applebees

Me and a former dance-mate who came up for the shows :)

Don't mind my white legs...!

The artistic directors, the technical director, and Gary Larsen

The dancers!

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Can't wait to see you and Christie. Love you.