Saturday, September 17, 2016

The power of DI

Today we went to DI.  For those who know Luke and I that's not a surprise.  However, DI's are not as common here in California as they are in Utah so it's a big deal when we take a good chunk of our day to travel all the way to Fontana to the nearest DI.
For the most part this trip was uneventful, excepting of course Lottie insisting on wearing her "pretty" dress.  Haha, oh Lottie, we'll laugh about that someday!  But it's amazing what little it takes to please a toddler.  We found her a pluto stuffed animal and a child bike helmet.  Both of which she is in love with.  She doesn't care they are second hand.  And I love that.  The humility of a little child.  Sometimes I am just so astounded at how much SHE is teaching ME!

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