Saturday, September 17, 2016

LA County Fair 2016

Disclaimer:  Extremely poor quality photos in this post!

Last night, La County Fair round two, I felt, was much more enjoyable than last year.  Lottie was a lot more involved and it wasn't as sweltering this time.
The first place we stopped was the kid's building.  They had an entire auditorium full of children's make believe and dress up centers.  Lottie was in princess heaven!

{She called these her "Elsa" shoes}

I knew it was going to take some major prepping on Charlotte's part before she would be ready to leave this magical place, and I hated having to tear her away, but tearing away is what we had to do.  She could have stayed there all night.  She doesn't part places where she's having fun very well - or gracefully.  It usually involves shoes being kicked off, piercing screaming and wailing, and a few resentful tears from her.  Parenting can be rough guys.
However, I had a feeling she would quickly get over her woes when she saw the next activity on the list.  Her very first carousel ride.  On beautiful "horsies".

Then of course we couldn't forget about the farm and the petting zoo.  I thought she would be afraid at first cause there were A LOT of sheep and goats bumping her around, but she was having the time of her life trying to figure out how to feed them and saying hi to all the animals.

{Best seat in the house for watching the pig races}

{The world's biggest bacon maple donut.  Actually I have no idea, but it's the biggest I've seen!}

And that's a wrap folks!

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