Monday, September 12, 2016

Huntington Beach day trip

Luke had a service project this past weekend helping out with the Wheels to Water group at Newport Bay.  Lottie and I decided to trail along and play in the water until he was done.  It was really a perfect little area for someone Charlotte's size since we were in the bay away from all the big waves.  Lots of kayakers and people out with their pets.  It was a beautiful day so I decided to join Lottie in the water.  Bonus:  The bay is not as cold as the ocean!

 Luke joined us once he was finished with his tasks.

Afterwards we ate lunch at the end of Huntington Pier at Ruby's Diner.  It really felt so surreal that a) we live in California and b) we were enjoying a delicious lunch literally overlooking one of the best views in the world - the sea.

{So thankful to have these two in my life}

 We explored around Huntington a bit more once we finished eating.  One of my favorite highlights from this day was renting a "family" bike and riding on the boardwalk alongside the ocean.  Truly magical, peaceful, and relaxing all at once.

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