Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Big Bear

Labor Day weekend found us wanting to get out of the city.  Luke and I know we must live in California for the time being, but both of us have a love for the outdoors and small town life.  So, with the invitation of some friends, we drove a couple hours up through the mountains to spend the day in Big Bear.  The weather couldn't have been better and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Small western towns really speak to my heart.

The first thing on our to do list was kayaking on the reservoir.  Every time we introduce Charlotte to a new activity, I always wonder how she will handle/cope with it.  And every single time she is always totally on board (when its to do with the outdoors)!  She LOVED being out on the water and wanted to take turns with the paddle.  She probably could have stayed out there all day, but eventually our arms were tired and our bums soaked, so we headed back to shore.

{Kathryn & Ryan}

Kayaking really took it out of us so we needed some nourishment ;)  We ate lunch at the Teddy Bear and it did not disappoint!  Best. food. ever.

After lunch we walked around this cute little town for awhile stopping to browse through the candy stores and western shops.  
The last thing on our list was the Alpine Slide.  Again, Charlotte had a blast and was laughing the whole ride down.  But don't worry, she was safe on my lap ;)

{Fell asleep instantly on the way home}

Can't wait to go back to this hidden gem of a town!

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