Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lottie turns 2 in Wisco

After Luke finished his second semester, we flew out to Wisconsin to visit my family.  We haven't been back there in FOUR years!  Since Luke met my family and proposed to me.  Holy moly it felt so surreal being back there.  Everything was the same and so different all at once.

{I can't even count the # of times she has flown on an airplane}

{Getting to know Grandpa Smith}

{An old Lutheran church down the road from my old house}

{The house I spent a chunk of my childhood in}

{Ma's Drive In (or as it's called now, Wega Drive In) for some flavor burst ice cream}

 {Friendship Trail where Luke asked me to spend eternity with him to which I replied, "Are you sure??"}

{Teaching her young. Also her first time ice skating.}

We had so much fun ice skating, swimming, working out (me), taking trips down memory lane (Friendship Trail, my grandparent's old house on Doty Island, Gill's Landing - the island we used to live on, etc), and shopping.  While we were there my little girl turned 2 years old on April 21st!  My momma heart can't stand it!  I got her a chocolate sprinkles donut from Manderfield's Bakery.  She didn't really care for it aside from smooshing her little fingers into it.  As we were singing Happy Birthday to her I think she got a little scared/confused as to why everyone was circled around singing to her.  She promptly took her party hat off and started crying reaching for her daddy.  Once we got the presents out though she calmed down.  She received some Play Dough, books, and a My Little Pony.  The Play Dough was her favorite.

 {Flying home to California.  It was a 4 1/2 hour flight and she fell asleep 5 minutes before landing.}

{More presents waiting for her at home from her loving Grandma's}


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