Friday, April 15, 2016

Our family birthday

Luke and I celebrated being married for 4 years on April 14th.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FAMILY!!!!  The weekend before we dropped Lottie off with a trusted babysitter and went on a little date.  We got a couples massage and Cafe Rio.  Normally I would say best date ever.  Buuuut, I left the spa feeling more than a little violated - yikes.

On our actual anniversary Luke was taking a final.  I wanted to surprise him with a fish dinner (never have done this in our 4 years together).  So I mustered up all my will power and bought some fresh salmon at Sprouts.....$$$$.  Yikes again.  But it was our anniversary right??  To my utter disbelief, it turned out beautiful!  Smelled horrendous.  But looked and tasted, according to Luke, great.  I think I ended up having PB&J.

I barfed that night.

 {Love notes from Luke}

Love you for always and forever Luke Kasse Phillips!

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