Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 and the weekend after

Thanksgiving at our house was quite this year.  And relaxing.  It was our first time having our very own Thanksgiving without any traveling.  Just our family.  It was nice.

We undertook the making of all the food ourselves and I'll admit, I was a little worried if it would all turn out.  I made sure to go grocery shopping the week before because I do not enjoy going out in traffic the week of.  I picked up a cute little turkey, some sweet potatoes, red potatoes, Martinelli's cider, eggnog, etc.  It may have only been the two of us eating but we were going to make sure all the traditional stuff was there!  I think the highlight of the feast was my candied sweet potatoes.  I never grew up with putting marshmallows on top, but Luke convinced me to.  I also added some chopped walnuts, and it turned out perfectly!

My rolls however will need a little practice for next year.

While everything was cooking and well under control I went for my run.  It was a beautiful day and it felt good to work my body before the lazy, food-bogging began.  After Lotte woke up from her nap we watched the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Such a good feeling having my little family close and safe celebrating this holiday together.

Once the feasting was over and we had our usual after turkey eating naps, we topped it all of with my traditional peanut butter pie and a pumpkin pie.  Life is good.

It's always been our tradition the weekend after Thanksgiving to find and cut down our tree, and decorate the house.  However the odds were against us this time.  Luke and Charlotte were both sick, I had a sacrament talk and primary lesson to prepare, and every. stinking. utah. tree tag was SOLD OUT!  I couldn't believe it!  Not quite yet December and every one of them gone already!  One more thing was added to my dislike list for Utah....So once my loves were feeling a little better we went searching for a tree lot for our family home evening activity.  Luckily we found one in Orem. 

It was an acceptable solution but not my top choice.  As per tradition we had the bottom of the trunk shaved off to make an ornament with the year carved into it. 

I also think Lotte had an enjoyable time.

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