Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Like Thanksgiving, we decided to spend Christmas at home.  I loved establishing our own traditions along with ones we both grew up with.  Luke had off both the day before and the day of.  On Christmas Eve we watched White Christmas, I worked out, and we had a delicious ham dinner.  I bought our favorite Hawaiian King rolls instead of attempting to make them again.... I didn't want a Thanksgiving redo. 

Christmas morning was perfect.  Snow had fallen through the night and we had our white Christmas.  It was a Christmas miracle.  We took turns unwrapping presents with Charlotte mostly wanting to eat the wrapping paper.  Her gift highlights were books and a fluffy puppy that I have officially named Fluffy.

We stayed in our pajamas all day, watched our traditional It's A Wonderful Life, ate cookies, drank eggnog, played with our gifts, and played out in the snow.  I really love Christmas.

One of my favorite gifts from Luke is a lovely vintage brooch.  He knows how to keep it classy.

I was so excited to give Luke his gift.  Anyone who knows Luke knows that soccer is his passion.  He has been wanting an indoor futsol ball so...... he got one!  He has fun kicking it around the house with Lottie.

This Christmas was good to us.

 Hope your Christmas was as merry as ours!

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