Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Having a child during Halloween makes everything ten times more fun.  Granted she is only 6 months old, but seriously, I highly enjoyed it this year because of her.

Because we are broke, and waited until the last minute, we were rushed to come up with a decent costume.  Lumber Jack and Jill it was.  Along with our cutie patootie ladybug.

The Wednesday before Halloween we had our ward's Trunk or Treat.  I had so much fun seeing all my primary kids dressed up and having fun.  Charlotte sure enjoyed watching everyone and listening to the spooky music.

For Halloween day I made our traditional dinner in a pumpkin and Halloween cookies - chocolate reese's pieces cookies.  Cody and Mikayla joined in on the fun and we played Scattergories.  I really like that game.  Sadly, we had no trick or treaters come.  Drawbacks to living in an apartment complex.  What am I going to do with all this extra candy??

Hope everyone's Halloween was great!!!


Li-Sha said...

ahhhhh i miss playing scattergories with you guys! we didn't even bother buying any halloween candy cause our apartment complex told us nobody ever comes by. that's so weird because you would think apartment complexes are easy places to pick up candy!

Tricia said...

A beautiful family! I miss you ALL so very much.