Friday, October 24, 2014

Corn Belly's

Last Saturday night we and Luke's brother Cody all went to Thanksgiving Point for some Halloween festivities.  I really love Halloween.  I am ecstatic for Lotte to experience her very first ever Halloween.  We've already rented almost every book in the library that has to do with this totally awesome holiday!  I'm positive she will love it as much as me when she is older.


{I think she was a little unsure of the corn beach}

{Cute little couple}

What we've already done:
Watched the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Corn maze and pumpkin patch
Carved pumpkins
Donuts and hot cocoa
Read Halloween stories

On the agenda:
Making caramel apples
Our traditional dinner in a pumpkin on Halloween
Spooky music
Scary treats
Haunted house for Luke and I (keeping my fingers crossed)
And more Halloween stories!


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