Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh, the days go by

Who in the world has time for blogging?  Gah, our new stake here in Provo (yes, we are now Provo) is encouraging it's members to write in their journals more.  Well, I think this is a type of journaling so it will be a good reason to blog more.

We're in Provo, UT.  It's still surreal to me that I live here.  I always told myself I would NEVER live in Utah.  The Lord definitely has a plan for us.  This past month has been busy to say the least.  Moving and having a newborn can be kind of stressful.  Lotte was an absolute angel on the drive down from Washington - it's just all the added baby stuff we now have accumulated, ha.  We've been here about a week and a half and I'm not done unpacking.  I squeeze in whatever I can while she is napping. 

Luke is attending BYU retaking the dreaded chemistry.  Once he is finished with that he will reapply to pt schools for next year.  Sigh.  When will life slow down?

Lotte is two months old!  I can't believe the changes and progress she has made in such a short time.  She is doing so much better with her weight gain, and her personality is really starting to come through.  I am in love with her new found smiles and giggles.  They melt my heart.  And the thumb sucking!  What is cuter than a sleeping baby with her thumb in her mouth.  I love her!  She has handled this move like a champ!  And might I add, is finally sleeping in her own room! 

With the new changes of having a baby and moving, family home evening has been put on the back burner.  However, we had our first official one last night.  Also I actually made a real dinner last night too!  Not just pancakes, but a REAL dinner.  Probably the first since before I was pregnant.  After dinner we started our family night.  Luke shared this touching Mormon Message and bore testimony of building a sure foundation to help us through the trials we go through in life.  We finished with a nice family walk.

I love my little family.


Li-Sha said...

That face! What a cutie! I'd never want to live in Utah again, but I miss Provo a LOT. Make sure you eat at Zupas and the BYU Creamery for me :)

Chevron andLace said...

I'm glad your ward is encouraging you to blog because I love all of your updates!
Lotte is so beautiful! If you ever head up north to Salt Lake, for a day trip, let me know and I'll meet you halfway. Miss you!

Sue//Chevron and Lace