Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer is here

Definitely.  And our lack of a/c is constantly reminding us of that.  Ha. 

We are feeling more settled into our little apartment here in Provo.  We have a gorgeous view of Y mountain from our living room.

My favorite things about Provo thus far:

BYU Creamery
Seven Peaks (we will be here a lot with this heat)
Family close by

While Luke's mom, Kelley, was here, I picked out fabric, lace and ribbon for Lotte's blessing gown.  It will be gorgeous, let me tell you.  She will be blessed on the 27th for anyone who wishes to come!  Lotte is a good baby.  No, she is the best baby.  She sleeps really well and is all smiles when she wakes up from a nap.  Not if I wake her, but if she wakes up on her own.  Yesterday she had her first REAL laugh.  Not a gassy laugh or a sleeping laugh, but a full on real laugh.  She mimics everything I do and her favorite thing to do recently is listen to/watch me sing along to Disney songs on Pandora.  That's what we were doing when she started laughing.  Of course she got all serious as soon as I started recording her.

Her and I are going to have some fun times together.

Side note:

BYU's campus is a lot bigger than Rexburg's.  I walked around for almost an hour trying to find the gym, turned about 5 different directions from 5 different people, and when I finally found what I think is the gym - it was closed.  Ah well.  I figured I got my workout in just walking that much pushing a stroller with a 10 lb baby in it.

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