Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NYC, Halloween, great life...

 My excuse for not updating this blog is because I simply have taken hardly any pictures as of late.  Not that I can only post when I have pictures but that is what I prefer.  So now I finally have some to help tell my story :)
For years now my sisters and I have wanted to plan a sisters trip together where we could reconnect as friends.  Well, I am proud to say that we finally did it!  Juli, Heather and I booked our tickets to NYC where our good friend Laura was at for a business trip.  It worked out so perfectly....until we heard a hurricane was headed straight for us!  We JUST made it out before they shut all the airports down.  However, we were able to take advantage of it before the yucky weather hit.  We shopped, ate hot dogs in Central Park, got stalked by a Chinese man, saw a show on Broadway, and best of all....got to sleep in in our 4 star hotel!  Juli and I also took advantage of the exercise facility :)  
It was a great and much needed trip for us sisters.  Sadly some of our sisters were not able to join us, but we already have our next one planned for next year.  We're thinking something beachy... ;)
On another note, for Halloween my dear husband and I had the ingenious idea to dress up as Mary Poppins and Burt.  I think Luke pulled it off tremendously, don't you?  He even made the chimney sweeper himself!  Christie and Jeff did a fantastic job of re-creating the 80's as well.



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