Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn n' Things

Autumn has been treating us good here in Rexy.  Beautiful Indian Summer days, pumpkins, Halloween crafts, caramel apples, etc.  Speaking of Holiday crafts, is anyone else out there as obsessed and addicted to Pinterest as me right now??  I can't control myself.  Which isn't a good thing because since I go bazooka inside a craft store (a.k.a. Porters!), Luke has made an executive decision to put me on a budget, a Holiday budget.  I am allowed such and such amount for each Holiday to use as I will (Halloween's was used up as soon as he said those D/V Day words).  Sadly when I don't even have the basics like a glue gun, my funds quickly diminished.  But alas, I have been able to get a few projects done. . . . 

My little zombie family :)

Picking apples

Such a stud

Making caramel apples and cookies.  I love fall!

I love love love the fall and all the fun activities Luke and I have been able to do.  Also, living the life of a teacher, and living in Idaho, I have the next week and a half off for Spud Harvest.  Hello sleeping in, making holiday crafts, enjoying the beautiful fall colors, and being able to give my husband a big fat kiss as he walks through the door from work :)

Until next time.


Heather said...

You guys are so cute!

mommyx12 said...

You have ALWAYS loved fall holidays. Everything is so very cute and those caramel apples look delicious. I should totally come out there again to have some!

dlpower said...

you are so cute. Loving your crafts. We should've planned on doing a craft while you were here. That would've been fun. So excited to see you!