Saturday, September 8, 2012

{L & R}

Latest update . . .

From moving into a new apartment, working, going on adventures, and a wedding, Luke and I have been pretty busy living life.
We LOVE our new place!  We have a little yard!  Also, I have an island in my kitchen, which is the best. thing. ever.  I'm back at Henry's Fork Elementary teaching Special Ed., and Luke is still working at the call center and doing an internship in a physical therapy clinic.  With our busy lives, however, we still find time to have fun.  Yellowstone National Park was among one of our adventures along with my little sister getting married.

Waiting for old Faithful on the boardwalk

My first time seeing the famous geyser

It was so awesome going back to Nauvoo

Sorry for the short post, it takes me so long to upload pictures that I need to make sure I set aside a lot of time for it.  However, I am going to try my best this week to get you all caught up :)

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