Thursday, December 6, 2012

christmas trees & gingerbread haus'

Holiday update:
Thanksgiving we spent in Kuna with Luke's family.  It was sooo relaxing and much needed.  I very much look forward to every holiday break.  I was also able to meet some of Luke's extended family as well as some old Alaskan friends.  I LOVE hearing all of Luke's dad's (Marc) hunting stories, which I think he loves to tell ;)
The day after we got back, Christie and Jeff joined us for a Christmas tree hunt up near Island Park in Targhee National Forest (no worries, we made sure to get a tag - no felonies here) It was so beautiful, particularly by the river we came across.
 Christie and Jeff found theirs pretty fast but Luke and I weren't having much luck.  Either I liked one or he didn't.  It soon was dark when we finally found the one we both agreed on, that's how we knew it was the one :)
Along with holiday traditions comes along gingerbread house making.  Christie, Jeff, Luke and I pulled together and created what I think are some pretty dang good looking houses - considering they are made out of graham crackers....shh!

Christie & Jeff finding their tree

Us finally finding ours

Yes, that is me pulling our tree through the forest

Putting on the finishing touch

 Sugar buzz . . .

So proud

Christie & Jeff's



mommyx12 said...

Too much fun. I miss you guys so very much. You look so happy and I love the tree. Good pick.

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

Love this post. Makes me want a real tree OH SO bad. And I can't wait for gingerbread house making. What fun! Glad you have family close that you get to share such fun with. That is the absolute best!