Saturday, October 15, 2016

Universal Studios

Luke and I spent our 4 1/2 year wedding anniversary at Universal Studios in Hollywood yesterday.  One of Luke's classmates was kind enough to offer to watch Lottie so we took full advantage of that!  We spent 4 awesome hours running around the park trying to take it all in (and when I say running, I mean waiting in really long lines!).  It was so fun!  I never realized how much attention we place on Lottie when we are all together so getting that alone time was much needed.  We felt carefree and were able to - for a time - forget about worries and stresses.  I think it's important to do that every now and then.  Life can be rough, but moments like those keep me afloat.
We went on the Jurassic Park, Transformers, and The Mummy rides, as well as walked through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter sipping Butterbeer.  The best part of all of it though was being able to hold Luke's hand and focus on HIM.  We try hard to keep up on dates and temple trips.  A lot of times life gets in the way.  I'm glad to say though that we are trying our best!

{Let's just say that I would never ride the subway alone!}

{Trolley ride}

{Luke chose Professor Dumbledore's wand and I chose Harry Potter's (because I'm cliche).  Of course we didn't actually spend $30 a piece for a stick though!}

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