Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Phillwers

Phillips + Power = Phillwers

Today we met up with my childhood friend and her darling family.  Laura has been like a sister to me since I was an awkward preteen, through college, and bridesmaids at one another's weddings.  We both had baby girls and now she has a cutie pie of a boy too.  She is the type of person I will be lifelong friends with.
Laura's grandparents have a beach house in Newport (where we went on our road trips in our college days) where we met up to spend the afternoon together.  We went to the beach, grabbed lunch, and Luke went paddle boarding in the canal behind the house.
We sure love them and love it that our paths get to cross once a year or so.

{These two kill me!}

{This was taken shortly after Lottie poo'd in her swim suit and I had to clean her and the suit.}

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