Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winter cabin getaway

As promised, I am writing about our winter cabin getaway over our holiday break in Idaho.  I was a little bit hesitant going up into the mountains in the middle of the wilderness with a toddler.  I just always fear the worst will happen and the deep snow-filled roads will trap us.  Luckily the only glitch was me forgetting to bring Charlotte's fan to help her sleep.  HUGE, GIGANTIC, MONSTROUS mistake on my part.  My Lottie has always been a good sleeper and I attribute that to using white noise with her from her newborn days.  The one and only downside:  I must always have a fan no matter where we go!

We remedied it as best we could by leaving the vent fan on in the connecting master bath.  It was sufficient.

{Cascade, Idaho}

{The view from the kitchen window}

We took Lottie sledding everyday in feet upon feet of snow.  It was magical.  I'm pretty sure living in California though has thinned our blood because all three of us could only take so much of the coldness!

{Luke & Cody starting a cozy fire for us}

{It felt so comfy and snug tucked away in the snow-filled mountains}

 {Lottie found the toy bin}

{This is what it looks like when I force my toddler to take a family picture}

Looking through all these pictures of snow has me looking forward to our beach trip we have planned next week.  Brrrr!

Random, beautiful photo of Charlotte taken by her uncle Coco.  He said I should take her to a modeling agency in LA.



So sorry for the incredibly late updates of all our adventures.  I am resoluting (is that a word?) to do better so that I don't have to play catch up so much.

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