Friday, January 22, 2016

Good-bye 2015

Its January 22nd and high time to document our precious memories over the last few weeks.  Ever since moving to California (in August), I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the weather to change to brisk, cold wintery days.  Well, August turned into September with temperatures staying above 100 degrees, and September turned into October (one of my favorite months), with little change in the forecast.  I was disappointed and tried my best to accept our new living surroundings by thinking of the positive:

I don't have to shovel snow.
I don't have to spend 10 minutes bundling Charlotte and I up for our outings.
I don't have to go out and warm the car up (or Luke I should say).
I can open our windows and have fresh air all year long.

With all that in mind though, I was very much looking forward to spending Christmas and New Years in Idaho where I knew that wonderful cold weather was awaiting me.

{Gingerbread haus making}

{This was a good night at the Ontario Reign game}

About once a year I get to see my best friend Laura and her family.  Her parents live in Utah and her Husband's parents live in there you go.  We let the kiddos jump on the trampoline, made personal pizzas and gingerbread haus', and updated each other on our lives.  Once a year is never enough to catch up.....


{Future bffs}

{Christmas Sunday}

Traveling to Idaho was an adventure.  We took the train to Union Station in LA then hopped a bus to the airport.  Charlotte fell asleep in my arms on the bus, but she highly enjoyed the train ride!

 Charlotte quickly made friends with A LOT of the people on our flight!  There she is sticking her face right up to the stranger in front of us so she could wave goodbye to the coast.

{She didn't love the snow as much as I thought she would.  I couldn't even get her to eat any!}

{Making herself at home in Grandpa's chair}

 {You can't get views like this in the LA metropolis}

After putting Charlotte down for the night, the adults enjoyed a very delicious Christmas Eve fondue dinner.  I probably should have stopped eating about 15 minutes before I actually did.

{My mouth is watering just remembering it!}

Christmas morning was magical.  I loved watching the excited looks on Lottie's face as she opened present after present.

{We finally finished that darn puzzle}

I was going to also blog about our trip to the cabin, but that could be a long post in and of itself.  So it'll hopefully be up soon.

I'm so behind on this whole blogging thing!

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