Wednesday, November 18, 2015

General Conf, Halloween, Fall (or lack thereof), etc...

{LA county fair}

Sometimes I have a million thoughts going on at once in my head, and I wish I could have a robot automatically record everything I want to remember on my blog for me.  I'm so terrible when it comes to journaling or blogging and then when I finally take 2 hours to do it, I don't do my stories justice because they have already begun to fade............

The past few months have literally flown by.  I can't even wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is NEXT week already.  Normally I am all over autumn and do a pretty good job keeping up on the Holidays.  However, since moving to southern California, my seasonal clock has been thrown out of whack.  Its a real thing people.  Especially for someone that has grown up in the midwest where there are such things as SEASONS!!!!

{swimming, because what else are you supposed to do when its 90* in October?}

Luke only has a couple weeks left of this trimester and then he gets a good long (much needed) break from hyoid bones, muscles, muscle actions, innervations, neuroscience, and............ on and on and on........  This entire semester not once has he forgotten his roles as husband and father.  And for that I am grateful.  You wouldn't think raising a child in a new place far away from family and close friends would be that hard.  But day in and day gets a little taxing on me.  So I'm thankful for Luke and his keen observations of when I need a little me time or us time.

So, onto the real updates:

A quick note about General Conference.  Did you know that Elder Kim B. Clark, who gave an insightful talk during the Sunday afternoon session used to be the president of BYUI when I attended school there?  I thought it was pretty cool.

Halloween was extremely fun this year.  I was too lazy to get costumes for Luke and I so I dressed Lottie up as a lion and then we were lion tamers.  Ha.  Easiest costumes yet.  When we took her trick or treating my heart about burst with her adorableness.  Particularly while carrying her pumpkin candy bucket.  

 {ward trunk or treat}

We went to our church's halloween party on Friday, and on Saturday, once I put our traditional dinner in a pumpkin in the oven, we left for trick or treating.  Lottie didn't waste any time before digging into her candy.  She's a quick learner.  Once we came home and had dinner, I put in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and cuddled up with my family.  Life felt so content in that moment.

Okay, this is an extremely scattered post, but I think it'll have to do for now.


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