Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

We had no huge plans for Memorial Weekend.  Luke had to work on Monday so it was pretty low key.  However, I packed up some burritos for us and we went for a picnic at the park.

Note to self: Do not expect Lottie to eat her food at a park. 

Afterwards we went to the BYU bowling alley.  It was a first for Charlotte.  Per the norm my darling husband won.  Again.  When it comes to playing sports with him, sometimes I wonder if it would even make a difference if I played.  The points would probably still work out the same in the end ;)

While still on campus, just outside the bowling alley, we spotted a lonely duck.  How she got there or where she came from I have no idea, but she was pretty friendly.  She was about to eat a cracker right out of my hand until I noticed her "teeth" and wondered how sharp they were.  So I quickly pulled my hand back and cried out while scaring the poor thing.  Ah well.  It probably was carrying a whole bunch of germs anyways right?

And that, ladies and gents, was our Memorial Day.  All day I had the thought and desire to go to a cemetery, but since not knowing anyone buried there personally, I decided otherwise.  When living in Washington, we lived very close to a veterans cemetery that we visited a couple times.  Sometimes I get a little uncomfortable holding "festivities" on this holiday because I don't want my children to think its just a day off school and to have a BBQ.  All of that is good and fine, but I want to instill in them exactly WHY it was set apart as a holiday in the first place.

Thank you to those serving and who have served.

Also, thank you to the mothers of those serving and who have served. 

I'm thinking of someone very specific who will remain nameless, but just know I offered up a prayer just for you.

God Bless America!!


Kaydee Smith said...

Looks like the perfect day. I really miss you all.

Tricia said...

Everyone looks wonderful. I'm so glad you had a great Memorial Day. Miss everyone.

Li-Sha said...

HA! One time, I went bowling with Luke and Mikie and by round 5 I had exactly zero points. That was embarrassing. It was like deep down I knew I wasn't going to win anything with Mikie or Luke around so why bother, right?