Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Charlotte turns 1

My darling little baby turned 1 on Tuesday, the 21st of April.  On Monday night, as I was rocking her to sleep, I realized it would be my last time rocking her to sleep as an infant.  You know, before she turned one.  Then I started crying - right in the middle of singing Baby Mine, which I sing to her every night.  The Alison Krauss version.  In case you haven't noticed I am a crier.  I cried when I found out I was pregnant with her, and then while I was in labor with her (because of the pain), and again while I was pushing her out (because of the pain), and then especially when I first held her (you can read her birth story HERE).  I cried her birthday night at 8:31pm when she officially turned one (because I refused to admit she was one until then).  As I was putting her to bed that night, I held her until 8:31pm and then I whispered happy birthday to her.  She had fallen asleep long before that, but I didn't lay her in her crib until I was good and ready.

Charlotte is a very smart cookie.  She was an early crawler and walker, and she is very bright.  I am surprised at how quickly she catches on to things.  Lately it's putting my cell phone up to her ear like she is talking to someone.  Oh man....I'm not so sure how I feel about that one.  I think I mostly get emotional when I think about how she will need me less and less the older she gets.  BUT, she still clings to me occasionally when she meets a stranger for the first time, or something is loud and it scares her.  I secretly like that.  I like feeling like she needs me.

{One of my favorites from this night - her holding my finger}

We had a lovely birthday celebration for her at a park up Provo Canyon.  I used to run through there a lot during my training so I had that spot picked out for awhile.  We packed a picnic and I baked a double layered carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I am proud of how it turned out.  Thankfully we had an unofficial photographer on hand - Cody.  Once he gets me the final edited pictures I will put them on here.


Happy birthday Lottie!

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Janai Smith said...

Happy birthday sweet niece! Can't wait to see all again, and hopefully its soon :) Love you all!