Friday, February 6, 2015

Daily life with Lottie

Some days I get the feeling that my life is extremely monotonous.  Others, that it is so unpredictable.  Life with a child has changed the way I view ...... well everything.  Before it was all about me.  I could go workout when I wanted, shower when I wanted, eat when I wanted, go out when I wanted, go to the bathroom (by myself) when I wanted, etc., etc., etc.  On the monotonous days sometimes I look back and pine for when it was all about me .....

And then I look at this face and think, "Gosh, I'm lucky!"

She keeps things interesting, and that smile ... really though ... it makes my heart skip a beat.  Our daily routine consists of:

7:30 am wakes momma up with her loud squeals (aka I want my breakfast yells).  I go make a bottle, get her out of her crib, change her diaper, and we go back to my bed and cuddle while she eats.

At this point if I am still tired, I put her in her play pen, turn a Disney movie on, and go lay back down for a little while longer.  Am I starting a bad habit??


If I am feeling somewhat awake, we play for awhile, read books, I clean, she crawls in between my legs while I am trying to clean or make the bed.

Then it's snack time.

Even with a runny nose and oatmeal smeared across her face, she's still stinkin' cute.

For nap time she drinks her bottle while I get to rock her to sleep while cuddling and singing.

Then something totally weird happens: I am relieved she is napping while at the same time I miss her terribly.  Weird right??


There are days like this:

{I don't feel like napping, but nice try mom}

These are the days when I am counting down the minutes till Luke gets home and he can take over.

After nap, we usually go for a walk to the park.  Seriously what is up with this spring time weather?  She is absolutely in love with the swings!

She isn't the happiest when it is time to go home.

The rest of the day is pretty much a repeat: eat, sleep, play, etc.

I feel tremendously blessed to be able to be her momma.  She has turned my world inside out and upside down and that is completely fine.  She fits into our family perfectly and is molding me into who I want to become - my best self.

Love you Lottie.

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Li-Sha said...

Charlotte's face! She is the cutest!