Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

This Valentines was probably the best we've had yet.  I made a scrumptious breakfast followed by my usual long Saturday run.  Afterwards we made some Valentines Day cupcakes to pass out to friends and neighbors.  Charlotte loved helping out!

For one of Luke's gifts I made him three Chatbooks of my Instagram pictures.  Because he doesn't have Instagram I wanted to compile some into these little books.  I was so excited when I saw that Caravan Shoppe had the cover images available for download for free!  He picked out his other gift on his own - a GoPro pole for his camera.  That one will come in the mail soon.

For Lottie's gift I waited until right after Valentines for everything to go on sale.  Then I bought her a love teddy bear.  She gets so excited every time she sees it and attacks it with a "bear" hug.  It's really too cute.

For me, Luke went all out.  First we went antique shopping - he knows the way to my heart - then surprised me with my choice of a pedicure, manicure, massage, or some other spa treatment.  I was super surprised and showered him with kisses!

On the way to the antique shop, Luke told me a story of the first time he had been to this particular shop.  It was right before we started dating.  Way back in an old dusty corner, he found a little red jewelry box.  One that he planned to purpose to his future wife with.  That was me.  And he did use it, except he played a mean trick and the box was empty when I opened it (the ring was in his sock).  So there was a nice little back story to this quaint store.  After this, we browsed through an old book store.  I found a children's book dated from 1911!  We just sat in the children's corner perusing books.

For dinner we decided to drive around to look for a new place to try.  We found Bona Vita Italian Bistro that sounded good, however, it being Valentines Day and we didn't have a reservation, we weren't able to get in.  But it was okay, we went next door to Johnny Rockets, which was just as good if not better :) It was a lovely day.

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Susan Stange said...

What a great Valentine's Day! You are AWESOME for running 12 miles! I need to get running, too!
And that is such a sweet story about Luke's proposal! Love it all. Love. Love.