Wednesday, March 11, 2015

California trip

This past weekend, we packed up our little family, took the train to the airport, and then took a plane to Los Angeles.  Luke had a physical therapy school interview so we made a mini vacation out of it.  I made sure to document almost every part of it because I didn't want to forget anything about our first family vacation.

{Sleeping through most of the train ride}

 {Once she woke up she wanted the best seat on the train. Also, this was her very first train ride}

I was a little worried about how Charlotte would react to all of the new things happening around her, but as usual, she was a doll.  She was pretty tired during our train ride so she slept through most of that.  But during the last few minutes of it, she woke up and made friends with the old man sitting across from us.  Children are the friendliest people on earth and will be nice to anyone - even if I normally would have avoided a certain person because of certain reasons, not Lottie, she is nice to everyone.  She teaches me great lessons everyday.

Once we were at the airport we needed to get some serious wiggles out.  Luke and I each took turns walking around with her while people commented on how cute she is.  I completely agreed!

Once we arrived in California, we stayed with some old friends who have a little girl and a darling newborn son.  Needless to say, Charlotte was obsessed with their little girl!  She would follow her whenever she could and fell helplessly in love with her big girl toys.  Oh man.

{This tent was probably one of her top favorites}

Most of Friday was spent with Luke's interview, but on Saturday we drove up the mountains to do a mini hike up to some waterfalls.  The weather was incredible and I just want to go back right this minute!

This was Charlotte immediately after we got back.  I wasn't kidding.  She LOVED Heidi's toys.  And one more thing: I about died when I put these shorts on her!  Can I get an amen??!

{After church playtime with her new favorite person}

 {Luckily I was able to snag a nap with her after.  I'm going to miss being able to do this}

Of course all good things must come to an end.  This is Luke trying to comfort Charlotte at the airport during our three......... hour........... delay................................ After being told to switch gates twice, flight almost canceled, trying to find a crew willing to take our flight, one pilot showing up, 15 minutes later another pilot showing up, boarding the plane, sitting on the plane on the tarmac for 45 minutes, then finally taking off, we landed in Utah at 2:00 am, putting us in Provo at 3:00 am, and getting our child to bed at 3:30 am, Luke accidentally sleeping in the next day (from pure exhaustion) and being late to work, and Lottie being sick and crying all the following day with minimum sleep........ I would say our lovely vacation came to an abrupt end.

To try to help us all feel better, I made these the next day.......major fail.

But!!!!  Life is so good people!!!!!!!!  The ups and and downs of life just make things more interesting.  Am I right??!

The end.

Luke and Matt probably took a gazillion pictures/videos with his GoPro.  Maybe next post will be full of those??  We'll see.

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