Monday, March 16, 2015

The weekend recap

This past weekend was kind of full of ups and downs for me.  And my family.  The whole week leading up to it was a little rough trying to get back into the routine of real life and getting out of vacation mode.  It took me all seven days to finally get my home in order and get myself out of a bog enough to do it. 

Remember how I said my next post might be full of the GoPro pics and videos Luke and Matt took?  Well it turns out I have no idea how to work one of those things.  So I am waiting for Luke to have enough time to help me with that.  So until then, normal posts will have to suffice.

On Friday when Luke returned from work, I went for my 8 mile run, but this particular run really threw me through a loop this time.  Not sure why, I've run it quite a few times before.  When I finished, I was finished.  I felt sick and achy.  My knees hurt.  I told Luke that I HATE running!  I was sure I was going to throw up at any moment.  I tried putting Lottie down for a nap so I could nap as well.  It didn't work.  So Luke tried laying her down.  That didn't work.  I just really really needed a nap!  But then I remembered parents don't get sick days and I pulled up my big girl pants and went to work being a mother.  It can be a little hard sometimes.  But I can do hard things.

We decided to get out of the house.  So we went to the mall. Luke recently had an eye exam and guess what.  He gets to get glasses now!  We can be nerds together!

                                                           {These ones are my favorite}

{She wasn't so sure about the play place at first}

 {92nd percentile in height}

With the weekend comes Saturdays......I used to look forward to them.  Until my training required me to start running in the double digits on those days.  So I got up extra early (I just wanted to get it over with), and took off.  I went 16 miles.  About a quarter of the way in I ran into a friend (pun intended :)) whom I haven't seen in 4 YEARS! She's pretty cool and also an avid runner.  So I got some pointers from her.  That perked my run up a little bit.  It was a gorgeous day and running through the canyon was an added bonus.  On my way back Luke and Lottie met up with me to re-energize me with some lovin and extra water.  That also helped.  However, I was more than a little relieved when that run was over. 

Later we headed to Salt Lake.  Christie and Jeff surprised us with tickets to the Jazz game that night.  So we met up for a quick dinner and then headed on over to the the Energy Solutions Arena.  The seats were fantastic and the game was great. I love it when its a close game.  Oh, and everyone in our group was able to get on the jumbo tron.  Twice.  Bucket list item checked off.

{Jordan really liked Charlotte}

{And her face}

{And her pony tail}

{Some people have said we could be twins.  I have no idea where they get that from}

{Jeff & Jordan}

{Me and my Lottie}

{We had such an enjoyable time}


Li-Sha said...

dang girl! i wish i could run like you! and i love that you made the jumbotron, haha that's so awesome.

Janai Smith said...

First off, thats so cool that you got on the jumbo tron!
Secondly, are you training for a marathon!?!
And lastly, Charlotte and Jordan are so cute! Miss them (and you guys) So much!!!

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

Wow so fun. Love seeing you and your family :)