Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quality family time

My love language is quality time, hands down.  Have you ever heard of "The Five Love Languages"?  Well I had never read the book or given it a second thought until I met my now husband.  At the time we were engaged, he recommended I read it before we got married.  So glad I did!  It really helped me put in perspective how I need to be loved and how Luke needed to be loved.  Because we are all different and that's okay.  Now I am implementing it with my daughter because yes, children have love languages too.  Read the book!

Anyways.  Onto the main topic of this post.  Quality time.  It's my favorite.

Luke had off work today so we packed up our darling daughter, some snackies, and plenty of water and started out on one of our passions.  Hiking.  Seriously, it is so hard for me to find the energy to workout, but hiking is a different story.  And it is a workout!  I love love being outdoors feeling my heart pumping and being in nature.  Especially in the fall - my favorite season.  It brings my family closer together and is a great opportunity for talking and contemplating about life. Rock Canyon is a pretty neat hike, I definitely recommend it.  It also provided some WONDERFUL, wholesome, quality family togetherness.

Luke doesn't know it yet, but I am slowly and secretly convincing him that Provo is actually a pretty cool place to live, and might not be so bad to stay for awhile after grad school..... ;)

{Ice cream anyone??}

{Checking to see if we have a messy diaper on our hands}

{Nope, all is well}

{Sometimes a mans gotta be a little boy}

I know in the end, I'll win him over......because no one can resist this beauty of nature.

{Abandoned mine}

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