Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day weekend

Today I am going to write about our Colorado vacay in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Pretty much one of the most beautiful places on this planet.  Almost.

My lovely sister Juli and her family invited us over for the Holiday weekend and I gotta say, everyone should make that trip sometime in their life.  We started out by watching her kiddos while her and her hubs got away for a little while, and then went on beautiful walks, hikes, and bike rides.

{Her cuteness kills me}
 {Colorado River}
 {And I was all, "Look at the camera!"}
 {A man and "his" dog}

On Sunday, I dressed Lotte up with her Freshly Picked moccs and took maybe 2 million pictures.

{They may be a tad too big. #bigfoot}

And then I found this sweet bracelet to be matchy match with her.  And then took 1 more million pictures.  Because you know, one angle is just never enough.  Or multiple shots of one angle?

{Some have said we could be twins. I'll take that as a compliment}

{Hanging Lake Hike 7,040' elevation}

 {Family selfies}
 {These kiddos are just wonderful}

Remember when I mentioned bike rides?  They were so nice to watch Lotte for us so we could get some alone time in.  We haven't been able to go on a bike ride in a long time.  Bike riding is something very special to us.  It's what we did on our first date, and before we had Charlotte, it was a regular activity for us. 

{Glenwood Canyon}

And that's our #coloradovacay.


Kaydee Smith said...

Wow it is so beautiful there. I miss you all so much! And Charlotte is getting so big and so adorable!

Chevron andLace said...

I love reading about you and your family! Lotte is ADORABLE and you are looking mighty fine yourself, little lady! ;)

Sue//Chevron and Lace

Tricia said...

What a great time.