Friday, August 22, 2014

Charlotte at 4 months

My little Lotte turned 4 months old yesterday!  I remember when I used to say how old she was in weeks, now it's in months, then it will be years......okay that thought depresses me, so moving on!

She is a WONDERFUL baby!!!!!!!!!  I honestly can't use enough exclamation points.  She is so content and happy almost ALL the time, rolls over CONSTANTLY, sleeps through the night (except for when she rolls over and wakes herself up), laughs and giggles and talks ALL the time, and LOVES attention - from anyone.  She is not afraid of strangers and goes to anyone very easily.  As long as all of the attention is on her, she's pretty happy.  I've never met a social butterfly as young as her!

{She has my heart}

 {Actually, they both do}

She is in the 24th percentile for weight (a huge improvement), and the 73rd for height.  I've got a tall, skinny one on my hands - or should I say - ANOTHER tall, skinny one on my hands ;)

We love her sooooo stinkin much and can't get enough of her laughs.  Sometimes we just sit and stare at her antics.  She is a wonderful source of entertainment.

I love you Lotte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look over to your right and you will see a lovely photo book I made for her.


Janai Smith said...

Happy 4 months Charlotte! I miss her so, so much! I love that photo book you made, SO cute!!!

dlpower said...

You need to print that book! It's so cute. Also, I tend to think skinny and tall babies are the cutest ones. We are just super blessed. What a huge jump in her weight percentile. Way to go charlotte and you! I am so impressed. I miss your stinking guts and I need more charlotte time!