Thursday, August 14, 2014

Smith Family Reunion 2014

So many things to catch up on and the OCD in me has to do them in order.  So here goes.

July 25th, 2014

The Smith side of my family got together here in Utah for a reunion.  Matching shirts and all.  Even Lottie got one, which I did not put on her because of the heat.

It was very nice catching up with loved ones.

Towards the end we had a raffle and mini auction.  I won several things including a crib bedding set, feather mask, and a cord bracelet - which I gave to my man Beckham.  And then traded it back with the feather mask.  I know how to work it with the littles.

Charlotte got to meet pretty much everyone for the first time.  Here she is with her great grandma Elaine.

{photo bomb}

And her aunt Kimmy, whom she has met.

My big bro Vance and his cute family came from Arizona.  Their little girl Brynlee is totes adorbs.

And then Lottie met her 4 week old [2nd?] cousin Deklan. 

Sometimes she doesn't know what to do around other crying babies.

Did I mention I caught this on camera?  Luke & Beck were both very much looking forward to playing catch with each other.  I'm not joking.  They both were talking about it all week leading up to it.

 And that's our Smith Family Reunion!  Wish I would have taken more photos...ah well. 

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