Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good things

Last night Luke and I fell asleep with his hand on my tummy.  Our little girl was having a ball and dancing around.  I loved it.  Everyday she is bigger and stronger, which makes it easier for Luke to feel her from the outside.  I love how his face lights up and he whispers (like he might disturb her), "I felt it!"  It makes my heart melt.

This past Monday, for our family night, we watched the 2013 Christmas Devotional.  It was so good!  The talk that hit me the most was Elder Nelson's.  He spoke of the peace that we can find through Jesus Christ - all year.  If you would like to see and hear (beautiful talks & music) for yourself, please click HERE

On another note, my visiting teaching companion gave me this cute and ever-so-soft Winnie the Pooh blanket all the way from Korea!  Who knew the Pooh was popular there too??  She also gave me a handmade baby beanie that will fit her perfectly at birth.  Sigh.  Can you tell I'm excited to meet this little one?

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Janai Smith said...

Thats so exiting! I think that blanket is way cute!! I can't wait to see you guys!!!!