Monday, November 4, 2013

To the expectant father

The past few weeks have been full of ups and downs - emotionally and physically.  But through all of it Luke has never wavered in his support for me.  For example, a few days ago I had the strongest craving for a Reuben sandwich.....which I find ironic since I have never had one before and didn't know if I would even like it.  Luke says he is going to start writing down all my weird and specific cravings.  Well, after a long day at work, Luke came home to this.  And I HAD TO HAVE IT!  There's just something about a pregnant woman's cravings that have to be satisfied or she is never satisfied.  Or maybe it's just me.  Idk.  But regardless of it being late, and not knowing where we could get one, we set out on a quest in the hopes of satisfying this hungry girl.  Lo and behold the first place we went to had one!!!!  I was so relieved that it was close to home as well.

As I was eating this deliciousness (I shared with Luke of course), I got to thinking of the countless times he has done this for me and boy what a trooper.  If I were living with someone like me I would be soooooo annoyed.  But not him, he is the most patient man I know and not only that, he reminds me of how important and special it is to be creating a human being inside of me.  Cause I'll be honest, sometimes I forget when all I can think about is how miserable I am in the moment.

So here's to him and all the expectant dads out there.  Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on, for the priesthood blessings you give me, for all the times you hold back my hair and rub my back while I am puking for the upteenth time, and for praying for me.  You mean so much and more to me and I know without a doubt you are going to be a wonderful daddy to our baby.  I love you Luke!

Here's the latest update on baby Phillips.

How far along: 16 weeks!

Size of baby:  Baby P is the size of an avocado.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained one pound since the last update bringing the total to eight pounds gained.

Maternity clothes: Yes. I finally was able to get a really good pair of maternity jeans too that I am super excited about.  

Stretch marks: Not yet thank goodness, but I'm sure at the rate I've been gaining weight it won't be long :/

Sleep: Sleep has gotten better.  I get up a couple of times to go to the bathroom, and feel like a cow when I try to switch positions, but other than that I am sleeping much better!

Best moment last week: Luke treated me to a weekend getaway at a hotel where we went swimming, worked out, ordered Dominos and watched a movie in bed (a special tradition of ours), went shopping, and got some crafting done.  MUCH NEEDED!

Movement: Not yet, although I have been reading that it should be soon.

Food cravings: Oh boy, this is tough.  Because I still get sick occasionally, my taste buds change quickly.  But I've been noticing a trend - salty foods.  And cheesy foods.  So basically anything artery-clogging should do the trick, particularly nachos :)

Gender: We find out in three weeks!!!!  I think it's a boy......we'll see....!

Labor signs: No.

Belly button - in or out?: In.

What I miss: I miss feeling pretty and attractive......if you have ever seen the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting", basically my life is Elizabeth Banks.  Haggard looking, acne, spider veins on my face, tired all the time, sick all the time, name it and I've probably got it..... :(

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender!  It's killing me not knowing.  I keep wanting to buy and make things!!!

Milestones: I have a few milestones.  I can finally say I am experiencing a little less nausea and constipation, I made it this ENTIRE last week without throwing up once, and I can kind of, almost, a little stand looking at food labels again.  You can go ahead and laugh, but I HATE FOOD LOGOS!!!! Call me crazy, but if I see a McDonalds sign, Subway, Taco Bell, etc., I want to throw a big rock at it and then vomit, and then curl up and die.  Yeah.....I blame it on the hormones and the sickness.....but really.

So that's the update!  Oh, and I had my first belly touching experience yesterday at church.  I feel like it's still hard to tell I'm pregnant, but I was helping out in the nursery and the nursery leader asked if she could feel my belly.  It caught me off guard but I said "Sure, you'll be the first!"  

Just chillin waiting for my dr app

Yes, I did take these pics in the bathroom at the hospital.  So classy. 



Kaydee said...

Oh Robyn I am so excited to find out the gender! So that way I can get or make something super cute for you. You look so great. I love you so much and can't wait to see you both at Christmas!!

Ashley said...

Robyn you are looking so good for how far along you are! I completely understand and can empathize with you on your not feeling well. I was miserable and sick the whole time with Landon. Puked everyday, the whole pregnancy. Sucks so much! Be sure to see your dentist if you're still puking. You can get lots of cavities from the vomit acid :( Glad you are still having cravings and that Luke is there to help you. Congrats again! And so neat we are only like 2 weeks apart :)

Kaydee said...
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