Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old posts never posted...

So I am finally catching up and updating my blog and I saw that I have several drafts saved from the past few months and I ran across this one...It made me laugh and miss my niece and nephew sooo much. I wrote this when I was watching Juli and Kelly's kids while they were house hunting in Denver. It was quite the experience... in Rexburg, where it seems like you never see any children, and suddenly becoming the sole charge of two little kids is just a little overwhelming. You don't realize just how small and insignificant you are until you have that responsibility placed on your shoulders. I just got done running "for my life" from my nephew (a lion). Whenever I got too far from him to reach he would proceed to be sad and want to hold me...until he got into my arms and suddenly became a lion again. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing :)
Later we are going to pick Juli and Kelly up from the airport and then I will be able to sleep at night once again. Not that Bryn and Beck are loud or anything, just that I think and think and think and worry and worry and worry over them. If they are sleeping comfortably, if they are safe, believe me I've thought of everything over the last 4 days! It was definitely a learning experience. Haha we went grocery shopping today and more than once people thought that I was their mother... sometimes I would just play along because I was too tired of explaining that I was their aunt and just watching them while their parents were out of town.

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