Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Made for each other...

Okay I know that this title is probably the first title of everyone's blogs, but I think mine means something a little bit different then what you're expecting.  This last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go up to Island Park here in Idaho where I then went four-wheeling, skeet shooting, sitting in the jacuzzi, and running around in the great outdoors with my roomies :) My bishop (a.k.a. best bishop in the world) owns a cabin up there and when I say cabin I mean countrified mansion! Well he invited the whole ward to come up and play with all of his toys including snowmobiling and that is when I decided that the west and I were made for each other. I know you all probably thought I was going to talk about a boy and say how it was love at first sight but nope, I am a through-and-through country girl and one day I will live somewhere here in the west, own a ranch, and enjoy God's beautiful backyard :)

Bishop Mickelson's cabin in Island Park

Lindsay and I on the Crawler

Me trying to skeet shoot-so fun.


Heather said...

How FUN! You look cute as EVER!

Robyn Smith said...

Awww thanks!!! It was so much fun! :)