Monday, April 24, 2017

Lottie is T H R E E

Charlotte Hope turned 3 years old on Friday, April 21, 2017.  That was the day we had her open her present in front of a camera announcing she would be a big sister.

The next day is when we celebrated with friends at the park.  Sadly all her little girl friends were either out of town or busy that day so it was just her and the boys.

{Levi, Royce, Lottie, Elliot, Josh}

Charlotte is a joy to be around.  She loves to laugh (fake laugh too), play soccer, and swim - although she refuses to jump in the water or do anything that might make her head go under water.  She is no longer afraid of the doctor and even loves to pretend play being a doctor/patient.  She was so brave at her 3 year check up!

She is in the 85% for height, and the 60% for weight.  She went from calling me mommy, to mom, to mama in a matter of 3 weeks!  Currently she is still on mama and it just about kills me every time she grabs on to me saying, "I love you, Mama!"  There's just something about the word "Mama" that speaks to my soul.  Maybe because that's what she first started out saying when she learned how to start talking.
She stopped taking her paci a few months ago when I noticed she was chewing holes into them.  One day I showed her what she had done and told her it was broken so it needed to be thrown away.  She threw it away herself and hasn't looked back.  Although once her twice at bedtime she would ask for it and when I would remind her she had broken it her response was, "Paci broken?  Oh, you're right." And that was that.  She is also potty trained - aside from at night when she wears a pull up.
I could probably keep on going but I think I'll just show some of my favorite recent photos of her.

 {Celebrating her birthday at Red Robin. She didn't even eat any of that ice cream.}

{Spring break - San Diego Zoo & Carlsbad Beach}

I love you so much Charlotte Hope Phillips!!!!

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