Monday, August 17, 2015

We are Californians

That's right.  We are Californians now.

On Wednesday, July 29th, we packed up our Uhaul and drove down to St. George to spend the night with Luke's Grandma Shirley.  We sure love her and playing Mexican Train with her.  Even when she makes up rules ;)

We visited the St. George temple before we left town and to let Charlotte get some last minute wiggles out before she had to be strapped back in her car seat.  She is such a trooper guys. 

My first feelings I was having about living in California were not good ones.  California is a great place to come on vacation, but living .....

so entirely different.....

I was pretty depressed about it.  No.  I'm still a little depressed about it.  I'm trying really really hard to look at the bigger picture and realize that it is an investment for our future.  So I'll make the best of it.

On the plus side.  We can go to the beach ANYTIME we want!!!!

The weekend before we moved, I surprised Luke with Andy Grammer tickets!  I will dedicate my next post to that evening.

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