Monday, July 13, 2015

Independance Day 2015

Fourth of July weekend found us first at Scera Park in Orem for the Cries of Freedom event with Gail Halvorsen (the candy bomber).  This was on Friday.  He flew over the park and State St dropping parachutes filled with candy for the littles.  It was a quick fly over, but I liked envisioning him years ago during WWII dropping candy down to the refugee children.  He is going to heaven for sure!

Saturday morning we watched the Provo parade go down our street.  When the senior missionaries were walking by, an older gentleman ran from his position to Luke and I, asked if we were LDS, then proceeded to encourage us to go on a mission together as a couple when we are older.  No worries there, we've already been decided on the affirmative for quite some time.

Happy birthday America!  I sure am grateful for you and all you offer.

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