Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

I love it when Easter falls on conference weekend.  This Easter for me was very special.  Because it isn't on the same date every year, last year, I was still pregnant with Charlotte.  Barely.  Easter Sunday last year we had just checked into the hospital for my induction.  So I got to spend it hooked up to monitors and being poked and prodded at.  That's okay though.  The next day I got my own little Easter Peep.

This year was just as special.  It was Charlotte's very first.  We painted and tie dyed eggs in between sessions on Saturday and then on Sunday we "hid" them for Lottie to "find".  It might have been a goofy scene to behold as I "helped" Lottie find them, and then as she looked at them curiously only to throw and break each one afterwards.  I don't mind.  Just getting to see the look of wonderment and excitement on her face was enough for me.

Before we went on our egg hunt we watched the morning session of conference.  Oh, and don't be fooled.  I could only wish that Charlotte actually sat with us the whole time instead of wandering around the house pulling things out of everything.  I just happened to snap a picture of the 2 seconds she wanted to sit with us.

{I appreciate the time she takes out of her day to snuggle with me}

{Her holding that basket, I mean really, it doesn't get much cuter than that}

{I think she's a little confused as to why I am so ecstatic she found an egg}

{It's really hard trying to take a picture with your phone which in turn controls the GoPro}

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