Saturday, February 22, 2014

The weekend here

It's Saturday and I am chillin by myself.  Luke works Fridays AND Saturdays so yeah.  We did however get to go on a date last night.  To the local truck stop diner.  Ha.  We didn't mind.  It actually was pretty good, and close.  I was craving chocolate pudding too so it was a win-win.  Afterwards we grabbed a Redbox to top off the night.

A couple weekends ago Luke went snowboarding at Mount Spokane.  I tagged along and hung out in the lodge reading.  It was a beautiful drive up the mountain.  Luke has been starting to get into skiing and snowboarding and has been keeping his eye out for some equipment.  Every thrift store, every sports store, he's always looking.  I like that he has found something here to enjoy.  In Rexburg he was always playing sports and winning championships and what not, but here, it's been hard for him to find anything like that.

Occasionally he would come visit me in the lodge and the smile on his face was always priceless.  He really loves the outdoors.

{I just realized it looks like he has a mustache here, he doesn't}

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