Monday, January 27, 2014

My list of things I want to blog about - not in chronological order

First of all, my baby and her progress.  HELLO 3RD TRIMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!

How far along: 28 weeks

Size of baby: Big.  She is around 14.5 in. long and just over 2 lb.

Total weight gain/loss: I start to feel blue when I think about this so.....moving on.

Maternity clothes:  Yes, and now I feel like my maternity clothes are getting too small.  Help!

Stretch marks: It's hard to tell since I can no longer see every square inch of my body, but I don't think I have any of the dreaded marks just yet :/

Sleep: Terrible.  A friend of mine suggested unisom and vitamin B6 so I will hopefully have something more positive to say about sleep in my next post.

Best moment(s) last week: I can't remember last week.

Movement: Best part of my day.  When I feel her moving around it helps me feel like all the aches and pains are more than worth it to know she is doing well.

Food cravings: POMEGRANATE!  I can't get enough of it!

Gender:  Girl!

Labor signs: Just Braxton Hicks contractions occasionally, which is totally normal.

Belly button - in or out: Neither in nor out.....its just flat.  Ha.

What I miss: Everything.

What I am looking forward to:  Meeting my baby for the first time.  I can't help thinking about it day in and day out!  12-ish weeks to go.

Milestones:  Waking up and getting out of bed everyday is a huge milestone for me.  Sometimes I dread knowing what I have to look forward to throughout the day: nausea, acid reflux, TERRIBLE backpain, accidentally peeing my pants when I sneeze or cough, bloody noses.....the list could go on and on really!  In fact, this clip from What to Expect when You're Expecting pretty much sums me up, especially the bra part.  Just being honest.

Okay, continuing on with my list:

Number 2: Last week was my "yummy" glucose challenge test - so glad to have that part of my pregnancy testing over with.  Hopefully I passed!

Number 3: Passing out in sacrament... I did not, but came way too close for comfort.  Luckily I just missed landing on the old man's lap next to me and was able to make it to privacy.  Oh, and did I mention it was EXACTLY in the middle of the sacrament prayer??  I dare anyone to try and top running out of a full silent room, hand over mouth about to vomit - all eyes on you - embarrassing story.

Number 4: I got to see a physical therapist today for my back!  Even with my bum hanging out to the whole world, well, it was just one stranger, but it may as well have been the whole world, I still felt in heaven with the temporary relief I felt.  I am counting down the days till my next appointment!

Number 5: Vocal Point called to say happy birthday.  What I actually mean is they sang happy birthday to me :)  

Number 6: Sweats and over sized sweaters make up my current wardrobe.

Number 7: Over the past couple weeks I have been able to workout in a REAL gym - with the army!  Ha, it's actually just the gym on the army base here, but I love it!

Number 8: I still get emotional - a lot.  I cried while watching Captain Phillips.

Well that's about it for today.  Oh, but here is a breakdown of the next couple months:

February ........ short month, doctor appointments.
March ......... More doctor appointments.
April ......... Meet my baby and move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{Let's all take a moment to reflect on how ginormous I am.....
and then completely forget about it}


Janai Smith said...

You look great!! Super exiting!!

Li-Sha said...

i am dying at this post. i love it! you are such a cute prego lady!