Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WSP - Wednesday??

I'm back!!!!!  Oh how I have missed blogging :(  We no longer have internet so the only time I can get on is when the library is open...and that's not everyday.  Sorry I haven't been able to have any fun pics lately either.  It's hard when I don't have my own computer to use right now.  

Anyways.  We are very S  L  O  W  L  Y, but surely getting settled here in our temporary home.  Luke is still on the lookout for a job, BUT is just about to send in his physical therapy school application (woot woot!).  We cannot wait to find out where he gets accepted!  And me....well....that's a story for another day.  Some of you know why.  Ha.  I'm so mysterious ;)  However, I do have a job interview on Friday to work part time at the elementary school here so that will give me something to fill my days (if I get it that is).  I've also taken up crocheting!  I'm not good at all, but my visiting teaching companion is willing to teach me so I will take advantage of that!  

Sorry for the lame post.  However, I have a really good one coming up here soon... ;) So stay tuned!

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