Sunday, August 18, 2013

WSP - Last post in Rexburg

So I realize I am cutting it a little close, but I had to do a quick post since my next one will be in Washington.

This past week has been interesting....I got what I thought was just a common cold a week ago, but with further investigation and a trip to Urgent Care, it turns out I had some kind of infection in my throat that only affected the right half of my mouth, including my tonsil and gums.  So weird and so painful.  It made swallowing unbearable not to mention eating anything was a nightmare.  Did I mention we are moving?  Yeah, packing and cleaning did not sound appealing to me at all.  They put me on some antibiotics and aside from some sores I still have, I am doing much better.

As for the move, Luke has been amazing.  He has taken care of pretty much everything!  By Tuesday evening we will be in "our" new home in Medical Lake, WA.  I am really excited and also nervous.  I'm mostly just ready to have this move over and done with.  

Well, next time you read anything from me I will officially be done with Rexburg and on to new and bigger things.  

Good-bye until then!


Li-Sha said...

this is so crazy! i can't believe you guys are actually moving to washington now! so jealous ;) we've loved having wonderful friends here in town.

Kaydee and Emma said...

Awesome! Im so happy for you guys, be sure to take a lot of pics.