Sunday, August 4, 2013

WSP - Bear Lake

We had an awesome time at the family reunion (Luke's side) in Bear Lake.  It was a first for me and boy was it beautiful!  I've heard it compared to the Sea of Galilee.  Probably the best water I've ever swam in, so clear and a beautiful shade of blue.  Their famous raspberry milkshakes were a plus too :)

We enjoyed some much needed sun time jet skiing, boating, tubing, tanning, and beach volleyball.  That was just at the beach.  The Bear Lake Chateau we stayed in was amazing!  Hot tubbing and tennis are just a couple of the features of it offered.

These pictures are only of the living room and kitchen

Breakfast overlooking the lake and a golf course


Sigh, it'll be much missed...


Li-Sha said...

ugh that all looks so wonderful! jealous. and seriously, luke with facial hair. unheard of!

Tricia said...

What a fun time you guys had. The house is gorgeous.

Kaydee and Emma said...

Fun! Love the pics!!